Collection of unpaid invoices requires a personal and resolute approach. We are happy to take over the whole process – from formal warning letters to judgment and vigorous execution. Fast, effective and economical.


Kristof Keyzer

We believe in a methodical and process-led approach to collection dossiers, in which we take all the crucial steps at the right times. Relying on us increases your chances of success, but also limits your costs. This route includes the following steps:

  • Assessment of the debtor’s solvency
  • A powerful, final warning letter
  • Imposing garnishment (where possible and expedient)
  • Where possible, collection using the fast-track “IOS” Procedure, without involving the court
  • If this is not possible, rapid service of summons before the court
  • Execution of the judgment and recuperation of that which you are owed

The “IOS” procedure stands for “Inning Onbetwiste Schulden” or collection of undisputed debts. For this, we call upon the services of a Judicial Officer and no summons to appear in court is required. This procedure can only be used for undisputed claims between companies.

In cases which relate solely to the collection of debts, we agree the fees clearly in advance. So, you know the price of our intervention from the start. In each case, we ensure that if a collection is successful, you recuperate at least the main sum of your outstanding invoices.