Surround your company with professional advice and solid settlement of legal disputes, so you have the space and the security to grow and invest in your future.

— Practice areas —


Construction projects seldom go smoothly and in a straightforward manner. And in the event of damage or breach of contract, costs and conflicts can quickly escalate. We help you to avoid and anticipate these problems, and to respond effectively if they do arise.
  • Private and public construction law
  • Events of damage and disputes
  • Ten-year liability
  • Insurance issues
  • Enquiries by court-appointed experts
  • The Breyne Act


Originally, five articles of the Civil Code were devoted to liability. But whole libraries have been written about the settlement of disputes. Each dispute demands a sound and creative view of the real situation – our speciality.
  • Civil and family liability
  • Damage caused by traffic accidents
  • Professional liability
  • Personal injury, damage of tangible or intangible property
  • Insurance agreements
  • Criminal law defence in traffic cases


Trading practices and consumer protection are the fastest-growing domains. This makes sense, given the explosion of innovative products and marketing techniques. Our team follows developments closely, and can provide you with expert advice.
  • Authorised trading practices
  • Disputes concerning advertising, (clearance) sales, and distance contracts
  • Online sales
  • Unfair market practices


There are two crucial phases when drafting a contract: that of drafting and signing, and that of interpretation and substantiation in the event of a conflict. In both cases, you need a legal specialist: us.
  • Purchase and sales (including international)
  • Rental, commercial lease, sales concessions and agency agreements
  • Collateral arrangements: surety, pledges, netting
  • Special partnership/cooperation agreements
  • Construction agreements
  • General terms and conditions


The regulations regarding online-trading and advertising, and online services, are now firmly in place. This area of application is still very young and interpretation requires the insight of motivated lawyers, like us.
  • Agreements for website constructors and hosting companies
  • Registration of domain names
  • Selling on the Internet (E-Commerce and M-Commerce)
  • Disputes regarding social media and online advertising
  • Mandatory information to be provided by websites and internet shops
  • Security of personal data (GDPR)
  • Terms and conditions of use for websites and apps


It’s never easy to take steps when a company is about to go under. In such situations, you at least want to be certain that everything is done correctly and on a sound legal basis, so that a relaunch or liquidation goes as favourably as possible. We are happy to advise you on this.
  • Restructuring and collective redundancy
  • Protection against seizure and protection of collateral
  • Winding-up, liquidation and bankruptcy or judicial reorganisation (WCO / PRJ - Continuity of Enterprises Act)
  • Directors' liability


Is real estate a crucial part of your company’s activities? If so, you will be well-aware that iron-clad contracts are your insurance for the future. We help you draft and defend clauses, and achieve your plans.
  • Selling and leasing
  • Project development and property development
  • Co-ownership and apartments


The specific path of a company or partnership requires a specific approach, in which tactical insight and a sound legal basis go hand in hand. We are happy to help you think ahead and respond appropriately to unexpected incidents.
  • Conflicts of shareholders
  • Constitution and liquidation of companies
  • Articles of association and shareholder’s agreements


Of course, you want to protect your working capital. But what if it is intangible? How do you protect your inventions and copyrights? Source codes? How do you prove that something is counterfeit? And how do you ensure that your valuable intellectual property generates maximum returns for your company?
  • Copyright and related rights
  • Licensing agreements
  • Trademarks, patents, plans/designs and models
  • Combatting counterfeit goods
  • Rights to software and databases
  • Employees’ creations


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