Good legal advice and effective assistance in court proceedings merit appropriate payment. It is often impossible to provide a detailed calculation of the costs at the start of our working relationship, but it is possible to make clear arrangements.
So, we always do.

— Fees —

Transparent arrangements concerning fees, should be based on firm foundations. We have two ways of calculating fees:

  • Hourly rate – the level of our hourly rate differs according to the kind of task, the experience of the lawyer involved, and the urgency of the act. In each case, you know the rates from the start. And you can request an estimate of the total budget at any time.
  • Value rate – If the value of your case can be assessed in monetary terms, we can agree on a percentage of the value that counts as the fee. This percentage can vary between five and fifteen percent.

At Stappers Advocaten you pay 15.00 Euros (18.15 Euros incl. VAT) office costs per page of text. These include all of our IT, personnel, building, (etc.) costs. This rate is applicable from 1 January 2023, and is subject to annual adaptation.

All external costs and advances are invoiced at their net price.

We prefer to make practical arrangements concerning advances and the invoicing of work at your first consultation, so you know exactly where you stand. We examine with you whether your costs are covered by your legal assistance insurance policy.